Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Blue Pages 1.3 — Elisabeth Horan

My Cats Know About The Snow
by Elisabeth Horan

Photo courtesy Elisabeth Horan

Snow keeps coming down and it seems to fall more often. 
It was a hard winter, for I'm 
a bit older now, and somewhat neurotic. 

I want to go outside but it's so much work - what, 
with the socks and pants; finding a bra 
and dollar bills; I do have a stamp handy, 
but this letter is heavy, so heavy as the molded bread -

Gosh, it's been a struggle with the compost. 
My cats eat some of it down but not all - they might 
call this an example of hoarding - I call it: 
somebody prone to caring. Or...Yankee Frugality.

Why get rid of a perfectly good cat? Why toss 
out a perfectly reusable newspaper, or a rip 
of tinfoil; envelopes, milk bottles; ring caps, 
coffee grounds, hair clippings, aluminum pans -

Why go out at all. Why be cold 
when I can maintain my safe place here 
inside my home? My cats know the snow 
to be a terrible thing -

As are the stores, bras, dollar bills, strangers, 
grocery lines and wintertime, especially with me 
being a bit older now, and somewhat more neurotic.


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