Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Blue Pages 2.3 — Warren J. Cox

Warren J. Cox paints expressive, cubistic images, making sparse use of chilly colors beneath sweeps of warmth. His artworks tend to evoke (for us) the natural world, juxtaposed with martian corners of reality; regal forms dipped in ominous dreamstuff. Have yourself a look at three of his pieces...

The Joker

Moon Moth

Whale Tails

Warren J. Cox paints, writes, and edits in southern Virginia. Beyond creating he is passionate about human rights and tennis. Cox's work has appeared previously in many excellent journals including Eunoia Review, Ducts, Empty Mirror, Fluland, The Creative Truth, Five:2:One, and Defenestration. Find him on Twitter @WarrenJCox

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