Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Blue Pages — RRRAINNN Special 07 — Cory Funk

. . .

Love in the Time of Clue

How I love you is no mystery
More than Mrs. White loves
The rope around her wrists, 
More than Mrs. Peacock delights in
Her favorite recipe –uncommon in
Washington DC – More than Ms. Scarlett
Loves gifts from strange men – but
Maybe on par with how much I love
Her silk stocking, how much I 
Love Yvette’s choker, and Mrs. White’s 
Pearls so lovely on her throat - but
Certainly more than Col. Mustard
Loves the Navy or his driver, much
More than Prof. Plum loves anyone
I love you as Wadsworth loves the chase
And as Mr. Green loves justice.

Cory Funk

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