Friday, April 26, 2019

Blue Pages — RRRAINNN Special 09 — Jessica Bergquist

. . .

What I Do in My Car After Work

I watch two Robins fight it out,
Their tails twitching through the blue
To cut up the mundane.
I suppose it's the way God intended;
Picking ourselves apart in the wind,
And letting the bloodied pieces fall apart,
Scattered in the yard for the dog to find.

I thought, How beautiful it is
To watch something so graceful
Fall apart.

That day, the desire to smoke a cigarette
Hit, and for the first time, twenty,
The idea of taking a pause, a breath,
With such a clear intent,
A breath to ground you while you
Bring yourself closer to death,
It all sounded so romantic.

Jessica Bergquist

Jessica Bergquist is a senior at University of Mary Washington where she'll be graduating with a Bachelor's of Arts in English this May. She is a fiction reader for Gigantic Sequins, and has been previously published in Pussy Magic Press, Rhythm and Bones: Dark Marrow, Ethos Literary Journal, and Wax Seal Lit Mag. You can follow her on twitter @jrbergq

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