Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Blue Pages 3.2 — Devika Mathur

. . .


Bones indigo,
lacking a piece of earth.
inside your mouth of stars.
My body, a tremor of zodiac signs.
Like a Taurus blooming.

You sprinkle lust
on my bosom
bubbles of thin colours,
a 4 am moonlight sigh.
Tender mouths of mud and water,
unborn fruits of the ultimate kiss.
This is us.

My hips now like a parched lake.
I am made up of unpruned divinity,
an untamed odourless shadow of sky
between the thick sheets of a dark city.

Beautiful sun, how you grow all over me,
with a swollen tongue licking my mouth,
as if collapsing in his arms.
Inside my mind, there is a temple.
I will crack my eyelids open., now.

Devika Mathur resides in India and is a published poet, writer. Her works have been published in Dying Dahlia Review, Pif Magazine, Spillwords, Duanes Poetree, Piker Press, Mojave Heart Review, Whisper and the Roar amongst various others. She is the founder of surreal poetry website "Olive skins" and writes for

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