Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Blue Pages — RRRAINNN Special 03 — Ahja Fox

. . .

Girl on Girl Dream

electric lashes
            petals hanging
from her ears             that girl
                                          in the market
spins chimes  ruffles
            your sleeves
            heart stuffed
                        in a jar

                                a strawberry

           from her apron bleeds 
                       your lips sour 

like a vow coloring
the sky a brutal      violet
and you
            for the table to flip
but it doesn’t
in this dream      it doesn’t.

Out of Range Bird

When Sara didn’t receive the dead perennial Jessica brought to school in an unmarked can, she pricked herself with the back of the boy-scout pin she had stolen from Jessica’s boyfriend the day before. Standing in the bathroom mirror, corroded stall locks glinting around her broad shoulders, Jessica hoped someone would walk in, that someone would notice the bad thing she had done to herself. The eagle’s wing brushed her jawline as she shined its gold back with saliva. Kneading the flesh of her ear, she told herself this happens with every new piercing.

Ahja Fox can be found around Denver, Colorado reading at various events and open mics or co-hosting at Art of Storytelling. She publishes in online and print journals. Follow her on Instagram or Twitter at aefoxx.

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